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Storage & Server

Business Storage on Demand

Business Storage on Demand provides the oppor­tunity to access your most important data from anywhere in the world, without having to build and run capacity in house. The internet­based, high-avail­ability storage infra­structure ensures that start-up enter­prises, as well as larger corpo­ra­tions and archive systems, can quickly and unrestrictedly save, work on and call up data. The perfor­mance and size of the capacity can be adjusted at any time to meet current require­ments, with charges reflecting actual usage. In addition, data security can be ensured through the latest technology and services from the QSC AG data centers.

Business Perfor­mance on Demand

Business Perfor­mance on Demand from QSC AG makes additional computer services available quickly and easily. It allows companies to react sponta­neously and individ­ually to current market require­ments and adjust their IT services to suit their needs in a customized way. Peak demands can therefore be targeted and covered and medium-term tasks can be processed by the specialist depart­ments. Additional IT resources can also make seasonal businesses or end of year state­ments more simple, efficient and cost-effective.



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